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* Please quote my name Julie Westerman or consultant number 402604 so your sales are attributed to me. I’d love your support and would really appreciate it if you could do this for me.

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* 100 points = $10 voucher

* access to exclusive offers and discounts.


Grail and Gambit’s own loyalty program:
Ways to earn points:

only available for orders through This website:


Complete an order - 20 points (you will receive them when the order is fulfilled)

Create an account - 5 points

Subscribe to newsletter - 5 points

Happy Birthday - 5 points

Follow on Instagram - 5 points

Like on Facebook - 5 points

Share on Facebook - 5 points

Referral program - once you have created an account, you can send a referral link to your friend. When the referred friend creates an account, places an order, and it is fulfilled, you and your friend will both receive 20 points.

Redeeming Points:

5% off discount - 10 points

10% off discount - 20 points

20% off discount - 40 points

30% off discount - 60 points



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