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Little Ones Sanitiser

Little Ones Sanitiser

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Little Ones Sanitiser is an effective, chlorine free sanitiser for baby’s bottles, teats and associated utensils. Unlike chlorine based products Little One Sanitiser will not form harmful by products, as it decomposes to water and oxygen only.

This versatile sanitiser can be used for an extraordinary range of tasks including sanitising your child’s bottles, teats and utensils, sanitising children’s toys, sanitising drink bottles/sports bottles, sanitising cosmetic tools such as hair combs, tweezers etc and even freshening cut flowers.

  • Chlorine free
  • No harmful by products
  • Versatile and effective
  • Ideal for sanitising toys

5L pump sold separately.

Environmentally Friendly / Grey Water & Septic Safe / Family Friendly / Vegan Friendly / Animal Cruelty Free / Australian Made


Versatile and effective:

Ideal for a wide range of tasks around the home including:

– Sanitising your child’s bottles, teats and utensils

– Sanitising children’s toys with hard surfaces

– Sanitising drink bottles/sports bottles

– Sanitising cosmetic tools such as hair combs, tweezers, etc

– Freshening cut flowers

Chlorine free: 

Will not form harmful by products. Active hydrogen peroxide decomposes to water and oxygen only. Safe for discharge to septic systems.


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