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Grail and Gambit

ePro Stable Shield Concentrated

ePro Stable Shield Concentrated

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A premium quality, concentrated, heavy duty germ and insect fighting liquid cleaner. Contains no solvents or soaps. Ideal for stables, sheds, trucks, floats and any hard surface areas requiring cleaning or disinfecting. Stable Shield can be safely used on any hard surface.

  • Multi Purpose - cleans and disinfects stables and all flooring and hard surfaces including feed rooms, wash bays, crushes, floats, trucks and vet rooms - as well as kitchen and bathroom areas.
  • Safe - contains no solvents or soaps.
  • No residue - works efficiently in hard or soft water and rinses freely to leave no residue.
  • Non toxic - harmless to paint, rubber, fabrics or glass. Can be used on any hard surface.
  • Potent Germ Killer - as little as 3ml per litre (one part in 1000) kills a wide range of disease causing bacteria.



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