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Tri Nature Maxim Descaler

Tri Nature Maxim Descaler

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    Maxim Machine Descaler is an excellent maintenance product for your kitchen (dishwasher and kettle, and coffee machine) and laundry (washing machine) appliances. Quickly removes water scale and prevents build up and clogging from hard water salts.

    • Removes hard water scale, stains, and other contaminations quickly
    • Leaves stainless steel bright and clean
    • Cleans hard to reach areas to retain peak performance
    • Plant based formula

    This product is ready to use. Also available in bulk sizes to deliver value for money, reduce plastic use and reduce landfill potential. Pump sold separately. 

    Environmentally Friendly / Grey Water & Septic Safe / Family Friendly / Vegan Friendly / Animal Cruelty Free / Australian Made


    Exceptional performance:

    Hard water scale is easily dissolved, thus eliminating water stains and calcium build up. Cleans hard to get at areas, including plumbing and pumps to retain peak performance.

    Tough on stains, gentle on contaminated surfaces:

    Does not adversely affect stainless steel, chrome or vitreous enamel surfaces. Leaves stainless steel bright and clean without the need for aggressive cleaning.

    Gentle formula:

    Powerful descaling action without the dangerous or corrosive characteristics associated with strong mineral acids. A versatile powerhouse with sugar derived acids that remove water scale and prevent build up and clogging from hard water salts.

    We recommend using Maxim Machine Descaler every 3 months in your appliances for general maintenance.

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