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Grail and Gambit

Tri Nature Baby's Air Freshener

Tri Nature Baby's Air Freshener

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Little Ones Air Freshener & Nappy Bin Spray is a multi purpose room fragrance and odour removal spray. Unlike ordinary air fresheners, it features an innovative soy based odour removing ingredient which safely removes unpleasant odours in an instant making it ideal for use with nappy bins or other bins in the home.

Enriched with Lavender & Tea Tree pure essential oils to lightly freshen the air and promote a sense of calm it is perfect for use as room fragrance spray. If your little one is having trouble sleeping or has nightmares, a couple of sprays under the bed will effectively keep those nasty monsters away.

  • Effective odour removal
  • Ideal for nappy bins
  • Multipurpose & versatile
  • Plant based formula

Environmentally Friendly / Grey Water & Septic Safe / Family Friendly / Vegan Friendly / Animal Cruelty Free / Australian Made


Multi purpose:

Effective at removing odours in nappy bins or other bins in the home. Suitable for use as a general room spray in your baby’s room or in other areas of your home. Can be used as a ‘monster’ spray to help children who have trouble sleeping due to nightmares.

Effective odour removal:

Contains an innovative soy-based odour removing ingredient to remove unpleasant odours. Ideal for removing unpleasant odours from nappy bins and other bins around the home.

Essential oils:

Enriched with a blend of Lavender & Tea Tree pure essential oils. Lightly freshen the air and promotes a sense of calm.

Non aerosol:

The elegant pump spray delivers a fine mist without the need for propellants.


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